The true identity of people of God is firstly related to service. Christians are those who offer services to God. The meaning of service cannot be defined simply. According to Paul, the service is not only offered in a limited time and space on a special day but in a whole life process offering “the bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God” as “spiritual act of worship.”

Chiesa Emmanuele holds regular services on Sunday and Wednesday which becomes the platform for Christians to extend it to the actual lives as a pleasing sacrifice to God. In this aspect, physical participation in church services is still an uncompromising element of the Christian life to be renewed and communicated both in God and congregation.

Through service our connection with God is strengthened and a new relationship with brothers and sisters in Christ is formed. Service protects and sustains our lives in both vertical and horizontal relationships. We considers the offering of service to the Lord with full heart and spirit to be the most significant role of the church.

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Online Bible Study Classes

Chiesa Emmanuele is pleased to announce that individual Bible Study classes will take place online. With the current social-distancing measures in place in Milan, Rome, even though it is more difficult to meet up in person, Immanuel hopes that through our online outreach programs, we can still gather around the Word of God and use this time of uncertainty to know Jesus Christ more.

Outreach & Evangelism

Outreach activities and evangelism programs are the priorities of all branch churches and fellowships. The ministry encourages people in us by opening outreach programs, strategy seminars and evangelism tools.


Spreading the good news of Jesus is not only limited to directly preaching or teaching the Bible. God has given us many tools to deliver the news of mission and Bible understanding through modern networking methods.

Through communicating the word, we can be mutually strengthened and edified within the body of Christ.


The love of the Gospel is expressed through many diverse forms of service. Gratia members and families have various opportunities to practice their love and see the gospel of Jesus revealed in their church. We thank the Lord that the church is built up by those who volunteer to serve in many areas.

If you would like to join an area of serving, please mark what you feel you are called to with the gifts God has granted.

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